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  1. Just purchased my fourth wig at Jo Anne’s Wig BoutiqueThe service was impeccable as usual there were many colours and styles of wigsTo choose from in different ranges of Prices Megan was very helpful and knowledgable and made us feel very comfortable Thank you so much Joanne and Megan I’m sure will be seeing you soon I’m very happy to have new hair for Christmas

  2. I want to thank you Jo-Anne so much for going out of your way to help me!
    I was only in Sudbury for two busy chemo days.
    My friend contacted you after hours, and to our surprise you responded right away, and opened your shop to us in the early morning for a private consultation.
    Not only did you teach me how to wear my new wig, personally fitting me, you very generously gifted me the products I needed.
    My husband loves my new look!! He says I look just like when we met over thirty years ago!!
    I receive nothing but compliments on my wig, from my friends on zoom meetings. I feel like I have gone back in time, looking younger. I think I will have better “Hair Days” with chemo than without. LOL!!

    Thank you again


  3. I reached out to Joanne to help a friend find products and instruction on caring for her new wig as she faced losing her shoulder length hair to chemotherapy. Joanne gave my friend the gift of her time and expertise, and provided just the right products to keep her ” new hair” looking beautiful! Thank you Joanne, your kindness meant so much❤

  4. I saw JoAnne for a wig due to trichotillomania. I cannot believe how amazing the experience was. I left feeling beautiful and young again. JoAnne knows her stuff and is so wonderful and accommodating and really takes the time to focus on you. I would highly recommend Wig Boutique to anyone looking for a caring and professional owner and business. Don’t forget to write that grey/silver wig number down for me JoAnne!!
    North Bay

  5. I had an amazing experience at Wig Boutique with Jo-Anne. Her knowledge and compassion were appreciated more than I can say. Thank you so much Jo-Anne.

  6. Excellent experience. Jo-Anne and Meagan were amazing. My first appointment was a very unnerving experience.

    First let me tell you that I had been dealing with thinning hair for at least ten years. For the last four or five years I gave buying a wig serious consideration. my hair was so thin you didn’t want to get caught in the wind or rain. I had lost my confidence. I saw a contest to win a free wig. That is what prompted me to make an appointment.

    Jo-Anne and Meagan listened to my concerns. Not wanting to look like a helmet head..similar colour…easy care.
    I found one I liked, but my daughters were not sure of the color. Jo-Anne thought it was best to order in another color and then I would know for sure.
    After having the wig on and having to take it off…I knew right then I had to have one. I have my confidence back and have received many compliments on my new hairdo.
    So happy! Thank you for giving me my confidence back.

  7. Thank you so much Jo-Anne! I’ve had awesome feedback since you helped me pick out the perfect wig! I can’t wait for my mum to see me!
    I also can’t wait to buy another one lol — I’m totally hooked! Having hair again has been a tremendous boost to my confidence.
    One of the most important things is that Jo-Anne accepted me for being a transgender woman. She not only accepted me, but she embraced me as a fellow woman, and for that she will always be my friend!
    I also have severe anxiety — I can hardly leave my home without a friend to support me. One of my biggest anxiety-related issues is that I tend to assume what people think about me, and I almost always assume that they’re thinking something bad. I’ve struggled with depression throughout my life, as well as obsessive-compulsive behavior. With the help of a few wonderful friends I’ve made it the past 4 years.
    I lost most of my hair in my late teens, and I’ve been unable to go out without a headcover since.
    I knew getting a wig was something that my anxiety couldn’t stop me from doing — much too important. I dunno if I’ve ever felt that way about myself before. That I was worth it. That’s really what clicked in my head. That I’m worth it! So, I made an appt and headed to Wig Boutique and love my new wig.
    And, if you’re reading this and struggling with some of the things I mentioned above: you’re totally worth it too!

  8. I want to say a big thank you to Jo-Anne and Meagan at the WIG Boutique in Sudbury. I was so happy to leave the shop yesterday with the most wonderful hair piece to cover my thinning hair. The service I received and the professionalism was outstanding. I love love my hair and a big thank you for making a dream happen for me.

  9. After shedding weight with gastric bypass 8 years ago, the one thing that never recovered was the hair loss due to the procedure. My Hair never grew the same again. I struggled with over the counter powders, gels, volume boosting shampoos and conditioners. Being at a loss, and believing that I’ll always have thinning hair and bald spots, I stumbled upon the wig boutique in Sudbury Ontario.

    The staff were extremely accommodating, genuine, caring, and professional. Dealing with this delicate subject of mine, such as hair thinning and loss, these girls go to the top to make you feel comfortable and give you the look you want.

    It’s hard to describe how such a small change with a top piece, that is blended in with my natural hair takes away the insecurities of loosing hair as a woman. No more struggles with trying to fill thinning hair and covering up bald spots

  10. Hi Jo-Anne.

    It was a pleasure spending time in your store, exploring.

    As a balding transgendered woman, I was very pleased to discover a vast array of alternatives that suit me and my style(s).

    I think that bald is bold and beautiful, however, as I said to Michelle, I can’t curl, part, grow, cut or dye my baldness! Haha

    Michelle was a wonderful guide and I’m looking forward to my next visit.

    Good on you for providing these services and having such wonderful people to help with life changing experiences like these.

    Thank you so much.


  11. Due to a medical condition it was beginning to become harder and harder for me to style my own hair on a daily basis so i would start to wear ball caps everyday . My confidence was starting to become lower i no longer felt like myself anymore but the idea of starting to wear a wig was a big step and i wasn’t sure if i was ready…..I came into wig boutique and now have 3 beautiful wigs, i feel like myself again my confidence is better then ever and I’m proud of my wig and what it has done for me. With my new found confidence i now am excited day to day to show off my hair and help other ladies feel the same way! and now that I am part of the Wig Boutique team i get to do that every single day 🙂

  12. I have been diagnosed with alopecia, but the day I had realized I could no longer hide it, on a rainy day I drove to the wig boutique, looked at Jo-Anne and burst into tears… She introduced me to a wig which has been my self esteem saviour! I just recently got a clip in real hair topper… The hair dresser cut it, styled it and is an amazing artist at hair! I who never take pictures have been taking selfies all night… You changed my life Jo-Anne and staff! ❤️❤️

  13. Dear Jo-Anne,

    Words honestly cannot express my appreciation and gratitude. You and your team are very special and you truly do make each customer feel very valued and special. Like many of the other comments, my husband and I entered your boutique not quite knowing what to expect and from the moment we walked in it was evident. For some of your customers this is a time in their lives that has been affected by a very difficult time, but in the face of sadness, you and your team look beyond that and provide your own “special medicine” that makes your customer feel like a friend..as the saying goes..if you look good you feel good, and that is certainly the case when someone leaves your boutique.. You and your team are amazing
    P.S. Thank you so much for the special attention you gave my beautiful mom.

  14. I want to start by thanking Jo-Anne. I had an appointment today for the first time. Previously I bought a beauty salon wig. I had no guidance on how to wear it properly. The wig was pretty on a stand but horrible “on”. Going to the Wig Boutique for a private appointment with Jo-Anne to select a good quality wig was a completely fantastic experience. Her selection is amazing and her warmth and the ease of which you can be open and comfortable with Jo-Anne about your hair issues made today completely positive.

    I have struggled with Trichotillomania beginning in my pre-teens. Although I was, I thought, “passed” the point of pulling my hair out for a good 15 years or more, I began again about 2 1/2 years ago. This is by far the worst and longest period of active Trich that I have had and never before had I pulled to the point that I have been unable to show my real hair in public.

    For those unsure what Trich is, it is a anxiety based disorder that results in compulsive hair pulling. People with trich may pull hair from any area of the body. For me, it has always just been the hair on my head. Trich nearly always begins following a trauma and usually in childhood. It is very difficult to manage but I want to tell everyone who might be reading here considering a wig for trich reasons, that it CAN be managed. I did it for nearly 2 decades and had glorious cascades of waist length hair and I WILL have it again. You can too! In the meantime, I have hurt horribly for over 2 years as my hair has gotten worse and shame has rooted in me where it need not be. I became very limited in leaving the house because of this. Please please please do NOT be afraid to go out of the house. Even my first “TERRIBLE” wig proved to me that freedom exists even while you are trying to manage something like trich. My terrible wig was liberating. Having a GOOD week from the Wig Boutique I stepped out the door in strong wind and I was FREE. It didn’t budge. It looked and felt natural and nobody would know without me telling them that I had a wig on. It is light and breathes and feels “barely there”.

    If you are struggling, I really hope that you decide you are worth it and that you realize you do not need to be hostage to your hair. I did something radical today. In under ten minutes, Jo-Anne gave me a GI Jane buzz cut. Gone was the damage I had done and I feel energized and enthused that my hair will come back full and healthy. I don’t think a buzz is for everyone, I surely never thought before that it was for me. With or without a buzz, Jo-Anne’s wigs will free you. My wig is my natural color and I had some fun this afternoon seeing friends comment on my “new cut”. Never knowing it was “off the rack” so to speak.

    Again, thank you Jo-Anne. You are offering a service that is so much more than “hair”. You offer dignity and safety and acceptance. You are a wonderful asset in this community and I will recommend you time and again when opportunity arises.

  15. I first thought about getting a wig when my 72 year old neighbour got one because she wanted to feel beautiful again…and she did!! She looked at least 10 years younger. I went to see Jo-Anne with my husband, who has not had hair for 15 years. (he is 59) I had wanted to buy him a wig for his birthday, which I did, and he loves it. I wasn’t there to buy a wig for myself, but they looked so amazing that I had to try one on. The first one I tried was the one I bought! It looked so natural I was shocked. Friends that see me every day have no idea I’m wearing a wig, although I ended up sharing the news with my really good friends. I want them to see how easy it is to ‘do’ their hair!! I have MS, and my energy level is not always up for styling my hair, but now I don’t worry about it. I wear my wig every single day!! Thanks Jo-Anne!!

  16. MAGNIFIQUE! Mom’s going through a rough journey and you made her FEEL and LOOK like a million bucks! THANK YOU to all the ANGELS with invisible wings that work at the Wig Boutique!

  17. Where should I start? I was horrified to find out I had female pattern baldness as a diagnosis from two Physicians. I was offered a chemical product to help the regrowth of my hair, which was not guaranteed. I had to look for another alternative as I just didn’t want to apply chemicals to my scalp which do work their way into the bloodstream, just not a healthy option up for consideration in my opinion. The thought of a wig had crossed my mind. My Mother had mentioned to me of a place in Sudbury that sold wigs and was quite well known for their great products. I made a visit to Wig Boutique today. My first reaction was, “Wow, I could choose a wig for every day of the year, there are so many to choose from”. I then met Jo-Anne. Jo-Anne was very informative on every aspect of purchasing a wig, from which style suited me best to the low maintenance of being a wig owner. I had no unanswered questions. I left the store wearing a wig. I have looked in several mirrors today still not believing it is an actual wig on my head. I am still in shock..lol I am so glad I went wig shopping today. The relief of not trying to hide my thinning hair is such a weight off my shoulders, BUT the biggest relief is wearing a wig that actually doesn’t look like a wig, I swear you cannot tell I am actually wearing one.

    I will be a return customer. I feel like a million bucks, and yes, I look like a million too!!

  18. Despite the circumstances buying a wig ended up being so much fun! Jo-Anne and her staff were so helpful and took the time to make sure my first wig was fitted properly and flattering! Having just been recently diagnosed with cancer and having undergone chemo, I was told I could expect hair loss within weeks. Because I’m from Timmins, time restraints could have been an issue, but Jo-Anne volunteered to alter the wig I had chosen during the evening and even encouraged me to wear it out for supper and bring it back later. Thank you Jo-Anne for putting an enormous smile on my face. It never fails that as I pull the wig on, the smile follows! I look forward to purchasing more wigs in the future and my first stop will be Jo-Anne’s before any treatments!

    Terry Beatty

  19. I now have bought 5 wigs from Jo-Anne (I think I am addicted) and absolutely love them. I had 3 types of cancer in 1 year and had chemo and radiation and didn’t lose all my hair but it was thinning.

    All my hair is back and I still am wearing my wigs because I love them, so quick to get ready to go out and I get soooo many compliments, people do

  20. Since i was young I always had fine thin hair. If someone was doing my hair or if i was going for a haircut they would always comment on how thin my hair was. I had very little confidence in myself because of my hair. I would try different hair cuts even trying to use products to make my hair look fuller but still felt like it wasn’t giving the confidence that i wanted. It also took me a long time just to do my hair. At 31 i felt it’s time to do something about my thinning hair. My parents asked me what i wanted for Christmas and first thing that came to mind was a wig. My mom and I entered that shop and got help and information on the wigs. I tried on about 5 wigs but the second one I tried i knew it was the one. I was excited and just had this confidence that i never had before. I left the shop a new person. I have been given compliments from friends and family. They thought that i got extension but were amazed when i told them it was a wig. Thank you very much for helping me choose a wig that makes me feel fantastic. I will be purchasing a new wig in the future.

  21. When i first walk in i felt very shy and uncomfortable. but within a few minutes Joanne made me feel at ease and had me talking and laughing. it didn’t feel like it was such a big deal shopping for wig anymore. She was honest in what look good and didn’t on me. i was really please with my hair when i left the shop it doesn’t even look like i have a wig on. i love to wear my bangs back or tied in a barrette and that is how i left the shop. My bangs in a barrette. i was amaze.

    thank you Joanne

  22. Margo

    My sister and i visited Jo-Anne’s boutique because i needed a wig. Jo-Anne met us at the door with a warm smile. I couldn’t believe my eyes she had so many wigs when i first saw a wig that i liked, I knew it was that one I wanted. I started wearing my wig 2 weeks after my first treatment of chimo i was loosing my hair. I started wearing my wig and people couldn’t believe that it wasn’t my hair.

    Thanks Jo-Anne

  23. Four day’s ago, I walked into Joanne wigboutique never imagining what would take place. I knew I was going to look at wigs but what I didn’t not know is that so much more would take place. Joanne is one of the kindest lady I ever met. She truly cares for her clients. I walk out with a wig but much more I walk out finally feeling good about myself. Now I can’t wait to get my next wig. Thank you so much Joanne and looking forward for my next fitting.

  24. I’ve always been a hair and shoe person, my personality is a reflection of both and when I lost my hair due to a severe chemical burn to my scalp …everything changed for me. I didn’t or couldn’t see myself in the mirror, I lost my spirit and I lost myself but all that changed when I walked into the Wig Boutique. Jo Anne was so uplifting, she made the whole experience alot of fun. Trying different styles and colors was so great. Her wig selection is amazing. In the end I left with four wigs and I’m loving them. Everday, is another day full of fun, laughter and great spirit.

    Have fun ladies!!!

    Thanks so much…..Jo Anne

  25. I love my wig! It is so light that I forgot I was wearing it! Everyone loved my new “highlights”. I will be getting another one soon!

  26. I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing a wig because although I had heard many positive reviews, I had also hear some negative-that wigs were itchy, they slipped, didn’t stay in place and moved around (one friend told me she almost lost her wig on a windy day!) and that they were very hot-especially in the summer!!!! I purchased my wig 2 months ago and am delighted to say that I have experienced NONE of these negative issues!!!!!! My wig is a synthetic, hand tied wig and does NOT shift or slip (even on the windiest days!), is not too hot (even on the 30 days we’ve experienced this summer!) and has never been itchy! It is very easy to pop on, incredibly easy to care for, and always looks great! And it’s so natural looking that nobody guesses that it’s a wig (but I’m getting lots of compliments on my new hair cut and colour!). I’m so happy I wasn’t swayed by the negatives I heard and that I tried one myself!

  27. When my mother and I entered the store, I am sure we both looked overwhelmed and out of our element. My mom recently started chemo therapy for breast cancer and her hair was beginning to fall out, we realized it was time to shop for a wig. After hearing many exceptional feed back about Jo-Anne and the store we decided to go and see if we could find a wig for mom.

    As soon as we walked in, Jo-Anne greeted us warmly and welcomed us. Immediately Jo-Anne seemed to pick up on the reason we were there and was very warm and sympathetic to my mom without making the emphasis on cancer and that her hair was going t fall out. Jo-Anne went through all the styles that Mom thought she might like, never showing us anything out of budget. After about an hour of laughing and crying while trying on wigs in the beautiful fitting room, Mom found her wig. She looked confident again, and relieved.

    Jo-Anne, you have definetly found your calling, my mom was having a rough day that day that we visited your store, you brightened up her spirits and confidence. You made it an intimate and comfortable experience and I cannot thank you enough.

    I am sure this was not an act of kindness for the exception of a woman with cancer, I am positive you do this all day long and show the same kindness to all. I am sure I can thank you on behalf of many you have helped with your kindness and understanding.

    Thank you for the laughs, the knowledge, the tears and the support, we appreaciated meeting you and all you did for Mom.

    Jasmine 🙂

  28. Jo-Anne is a warm and friendly business woman,very knowledgeable and with no high pressure sales talk. My daughter accompanied me on my first visit and we settled on two possibilities. She took pictures and I went home to share them and give it some more thought.
    I had initially walked in not thinking my hair was quite so thin, but after trying on several wig styles and colours, I walked out with a fuller yet still natural looking head of hair.
    When my husband came home from work and looked at me I was on the phone, but I suddenly saw his mouth drop open and a big smile cross his face. He gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up which reaffirmed that my decision was the right one for me! Oh yes, I’ll be going back for another in the near future! Who knew wigs could be so much fun!

  29. I bought my first wig on the weekend and I love it. I have wanted to buy a wig for so long…..No more getting up early to do my hair and no more pain in my arms.

    Thank you Jo-Anne

  30. Just wanted you to know that you are my saving grace.
    That just says it all.
    Thank you,

  31. What a great shop!! I’ve never seen so many styles and colours of wigs….what fun trying to pick just one. The selections are endless.
    Ladies don’t be shy about getting a wig, Joanne is very knowledgable and she knows how to make you feel comfortable.
    I’m already planning my next purchase…after all, a lady needs options.

  32. I’m currently going through chemotherapy. I was one of those ladies that said “I’m not going to worry about the hair loss, I can just wear hats”.
    Well my inner girly girl came out and I decided I needed a wig.
    Jo-Anne and her staff were great! They made me feel very welcome and completely at ease! There were no pressures to buy – I loved it.
    I ended up getting something completley different from any hairstyle I’ve had in a long time. (Thanks to my 11 yr old daughter)
    Thanks for making this such an easy experience!!!

  33. I went into the store wanting to buy a wig , Joanne greeted me at the door she explained everything I needed to know about the wigs and answered any questions I had. Joanne gave me her undivided attention while I was there. I really felt like she was there to help me find the right one, “Not just to make a sale”. I did buy one that day and I can say that I feel more confident with my purchase. Thanks to Joanne and her care and honesty.I had a great shopping experiance.My husband loved it!

  34. Hi Joanne,

    My mom is making out just fine with her new wig. I asked her when we were driving home if it was comfortable and she said she didn’t even notice it on. So that’s a good thing. She has gotten so many compliments from her friends which makes her very happy. So I thank you for making her happy. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012

  35. My first visit to the Wig Boutique was because my Grandma wanted a wig due to her thinning hair. My grandma walked out on her first visit with a big smile on her face and a gorgeous new wig. While we were there I tried on some wigs for fun and found one that I liked but it didn’t quite fit right. Jo Anne later found me a wig that was similar and tracked down my number so I could try it on. Needless to say she nailed it and as a birthday present from Grandma my first wig came home! Jo Anne is so great that I’ve been back multiple times and I currently own two amazing wigs!! Wig Boutique is a blast for all ages and Jo Anne is always there willing and ready to help with a big smile on her face!! Jo Anne’s personality can lift you up after a stressful day!! I will certainly be back for another wig soon!!!! Thanks for everything Jo Anne!!!

  36. I bought my first wig last week because of thining hair. Let me tell you that was the best purchase I’ve ever made. This wig has just lifted my self esteem and with that being said has also given me the insentive to quit smoking. Well tomorrow it will be my first week being smoke free.
    Thanks JoAnne for being here for all us women in need of this esteem booster “WIGS”.
    You can also be sure that on my Santa wish list will be another wig!

    Thanks Again!!

  37. Love Love Love the Wig Boutique! Feel so great in my new do that Jo-anne helped my pick out. What a great shopping experience!

  38. I was travelling in Ontario this summer from BC. I was in Sudbury with my sister when I noticed some advertising for the ‘Wig Boutique’. I hadn’t yet found a location that offered enough of a selection. Well we hit the jackpot with Jo-Anne. I explained my situation and how I was enroute to meet with a man that is 15 years my junior and that I had known for 23 years and that I was very much attracted to. I knew he liked red heads, and both my sister and mother had been red heads so I thought the odds were good that I would look good as a red head as well. That would be a major change from my current white and grey. The rendezvous was shall I say ‘over the top’. Thank you Jo-anne for your humour and kindness. You have set a new woman FREE!!

  39. Recently I attended at Wig Boutique in Sudbury where I met Jo-Anne. What a selection of wigs and colours galore. Of course Jo-Anne with her knowledge and great personality makes your experience there well worth checking out. I must say I was curious about wigs and for no reason other than wanting a different look, I walked out with 3 wigs, different styles, different colours… wow. No need to think about having to grow out my hair and wait to get the style I wanted, not to mention the colour change. What a great way to make a change in your look and have fun with it at the same time.

  40. Thank goodness for Wig Boutique! Every time I go there, it is such a pleasant experience. I recently purchased my third wig from Jo-Anne and just love it. I cannot believe the selection available and Jo-Anne conitnues to amaze me at finding the perfect style.

    Jo-Anne you have certainly reduced my stress levels and I love your location. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  41. Joanne,
    My hair loss is so significant to get ready in the morning and feeling beautiful was a chore…if it ever happened. I went into your store and was greeted with your warm smile and your desire to help…what an experience! You were so patient with me and handled my decisiveness with finesse! You went above and beyond finding a wig for me with a whole new supplier just by listening to what I was looking for and nailed it with the most beautiful wig I have ever tried on! Thank you Joanne for making me feel beautiful again!

  42. The very first time I visited the Wig Boutique was just to support my great friend Jo-Anne, I would never wear a wig…….. i tried a couple on for fun…. the first one I bought, after trying it on I said to Jo-Anne, cut off the tag I am wearing it out……. never turned back, and I have purchased a second, and looking forward to the third…. I get so many compliments on my hair…… it is easy, it is fun, and it is glamourous….. thanks wig boutique for giving me the hair I have always wanted” Jo-Anne and I have been friends since kindergarden!

  43. I believe my wig takes 10 years of my life and am convinced I would not be working without it because no one likes to hire a 71 year old…So, my job depends on it. I do not have to wear a wig but, I truly love my wigs & wear one every day.

  44. I love to have a choice of wigs for those bad hair days, or when you are off to work and you don’t have a lot of time to style your hair. They are fun to wear when you want to change your look.

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