These products are specially formulated for ladies/men undergoing chemo/radiation.

LASH & BROW CONDITIONING GEL–To help prevent loss of lashes and brows. A unique blend of natural ingredients. With its reconstructive components it helps maintain lashes and eyebrows during treatments. Provides a safe and healthy alternative to other lash products as it is developed by a medical professional and ophthalmologist tested. It is a gentle, hypoallergenic formula for sensitive eyes. Gel doesn’t run and cannot be felt on the skin. Promotes the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker lashes and brows within weeks. For best results, it is best to start prior to treatment or after 1st one.

LOTION–a soothing body lotion that contains no topical oils that can coat the skin and clog pores. Has a refreshing, light white tea and ginger scent.

MOISTURE DROPS–a superior, deep penetrating emollient for the skin that replenishes the natural moisture. Does not evaporate from skin. Used for the relief of radiation burn and other burns to the skin. It relieves discomfort by closely duplicating the secretions of the sebaceous gland, moisturizes dry skin on the face and body.

We also carry

🔗EYEBROW STENCIL KITS AND EYEBROW POWDER–in many colors. So much easier and more natural looking than eyebrow pencils.
🔗HEADWEAR–sleepcaps, headscarves, terry turbans, bamboo caps.