Do you have thin, fine hair?  or Hair Loss?

1. If yes, a top piece is considered to be a MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS  and  is claimable on taxes as a medical expense.

 2. If you have insurance it may be covered. Some insurance companies cover wigs and top pieces regardless of the reason for thinning or hair loss. (depends on your plan)

Ask your doctor for a prescription for a “MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS”.  We do not need it but, if you make a purchase, your invoice will say MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS.

PERMANENTLY INSTALLED TOP-PIECE – Ideal for ladies who want the hair on all the time. (sort of like false teeth versus, implants). It gets attached using some of your  hair with tiny connectors.  Sleep, Swim, Work & Play with it because it is now your own hair!

Click here to take a peek at ladies in their PERMANENT top pieces!

Available in human hair & many colors.  Once installed, our licenced stylist, Megan will cut and blend it in with your own hair to create a seamless look. Most clients need a reset every 4 weeks as it grows away from your scalp. Cost for this system is $2400.00.  We could get less expensive ones, but we have been using this system now for 6 years and love the quality and the construction. Monthly resets are $150.00 and take about 2 hours. Your own hair cut is included.  Depending on what style you get, you won’t have to worry about your roots as often.

CLIP-IN TOP PIECES-Ideal for ladies that are ok with taking off and putting back on yourself. You do not sleep with it on. Easy clips allow for quick install. Available in HUMAN HAIR and synthetic in many colors, styles and lengths. Prices are from $399. to $2500.00 depending on type and length.
Meagan, our licenced stylist will shape to blend in with your own hair.

 Click here to take a peek at ladies in their CLIP-IN top pieces!


Click here to learn more on hair loss causes.

At Wig Boutique we start with a free consultation. At this time, we will show & explain the systems & offer various options and prices.

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