Permanent & Clip-ins

Do you have thin, fine hair?  We have solutions for every situation. We are experts in our field and will provide you with the hair replacement solution best suited for you. We are here to help you.  For Ladies with thin, fine hair,  getting a top piece system is life changing and most wish they had come sooner. Price ranges to suit all budgets, from clipins to permanents and synthetics or human hair.

Some insurance companies cover your wig or piece. ASK YOUR DOCTOR FOR A PRESCRIPTION FOR A MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS.  We do not need the prescription but your invoice will say MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS. No insurance? you can claim on income taxes.

Watch this video to view amazing transformations and to learn more about one option for thinning hair.

CTV news clip for Thinning Hair
Human Hair Top Pieces


EVOLVE VOLUMIZER  – (the video is on this page to watch)
2018 price for Volumizer $1800.00 (includes install, cut and style)

🔗link here for more info on Evolve Volumizer

PERMANENT HUMAN HAIR SYSTEM-New to Canada in 2015 but in the US since 2010. It is revolutionary and can be used for women with very little hair. Sleep, swim, dance, play, work and even workout with it on. It is permanently installed and requires a reset every 3 to 5 weeks (depending on your own hair  growth). Average time is 4 weeks and cost for this service is $135.00

It gets installed with tiny connectors using some of your own hair. No GLUE, no TAPE, no sewing in.  100% Human Hair can be styled the same as you would your own hair.

BONDED HUMAN HAIR SYSTEMS-This is for ladies with no hair or barely no hair on top. It is permanently bonded(glued) and allows you to sleep, shower and swim with total confidence. Bonded systems require re-bonding every 3 to 5 weeks. Duration depends on lifestyle and other factors which will be discussed during your consult. They look and feel very natural and we only use high quality human hair.


CLIP-IN TOP PIECES-This is ideal for ladies with thinning  on  top that would like to do it yourself and not sleep with it. Clips allow you to put on yourself in minutes. Available in HUMAN HAIR and synthetic in many colors, styles and lengths. Prices are from $399. to $1800.
Our stylist will shape to blend in with your own hair. Synthetic and Human Hair available.

WIGS- Many women choose wigs because of convenience, easy care and the natural appearance of today’s wigs. Available in synthetic and human hair. Not hot and heavy. Times have changed!  You might spot bads ones, but guaranteed,  you can not spot good wigs!  You would be surprised how many ladies are wearing wigs now for reasons other than hair loss. About 60% of our clients do not have to wear wigs.

For clients going through chemo most say a wig helps them through a difficult time and many of the ladies wear their wigs even after their hair grows back. They are great  for a bad hair day or trips. The key is to find a wig that looks great on you!

At Wig Boutique we start with a non-binding, complimentary consultation. At this time, we will give you various options and prices. We have a private consult room.  Some insurance companies will pay for a WIG or TOP PIECE  when needed due to hair loss.  No insurance?  It can be claimed on income taxes.  Ask your physician for a PRESCRIPTION for a hair prosthesis. We DO NOT need the prescription, so don’t let that stop you from hurrying in! Call or email for info or to book your Free consultation.    When we are with clients, we can’t get to the phone, so leave your info. We promise to return the call.
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