Wig Boutique Sudbury has a large inventory of wigs in-stock (1000 +) from short to long in many colors and styles, including lots of grey/white wigs.  Today’s synthetic wigs are very natural-looking, comfortable, and are easy to care for.   Construction has improved since the 70’s wigs!  Yes, it is hotter than if you don’t have anything on your head but not too hot to wear.  Synthetics are easy maintenance and less expensive than human hair quality wigs. Because 99% of ladies purchase synthetics from us, we stock more synthetics, but we do have human hair wigs as well.  click to see photos of ladies in their new wigs!


Do you have thin, fine hair?  or Hair Loss?  or maybe you just can’t lift your arms to style your hair due to arthritis or even a broken arm.

1. Wigs and top pieces are considered a MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS  and are claimable on taxes as a medical expense.

 2. If you have insurance it may be covered. Some insurance companies cover wigs and top pieces regardless of the reason for thinning or hair loss. (depends on your plan). Best to call them prior to coming in.

Ask your doctor for a prescription for a “MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS”.  We do not need it but, if you make a purchase, your invoice will say MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS.


Wigs are sometimes a necessity because of hair loss or thinning. But you may be surprised to know that many ladies are getting wigs for other reasons.  Times have changed and wigs are for everyone now! Trips, bad hair days, busy lives, to give hair a break from chemicals or date nights. Some ladies love the idea of being able to have a different look without committing to a cut or color.  They are the latest trend and lots of celebrities are wearing them. We no longer have to be hush hush about wearing wigs. As a matter of fact, it’s now trendy to wear wigs. It’s about time we get rid of the stigma of wearing wigs.

At Wig Boutique our clients are special, but those suffering from hair loss are extra special, thus get special attention. No matter the reason, whether it is because of chemo, alopecia, trichotillomania, female pattern baldness or just fine, thin hair we know it can be devastating and stressful. These conditions affect ladies of all ages. You are not alone. We are here to help you through this.

You will find a large selection of wigs in stock (no choosing from a catalogue).  Prices start at $399 and go up to $999.99 for synthetics. We no longer carry fun, fashion wigs as they are plentiful online. We focus on quality, natural looking wigs . We only carry high-quality human hair and prices start at $888 and go up to $3500.00.

If finances are preventing you from getting a wig or top-piece, although we are not a bank we do our best to help if needed. Payments with no interest can be arranged; because we believe finances should not prevent you from having a wig or top piece if you are experiencing hair loss.

Click to learn more on hair loss causes.

Appointments (free) are required and can sometimes be same day if available.  705-222-9447 (leave message if you get machine). Text 705-626-2020

EMAIL: info@wigboutique.ca

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