Hair loss can be devastating at any age, but for children it can be a terrible experience. Bullying and teasing is an unfortunate side effect which many boys and girls have to endure. Getting a wig can help during this time and can be paramount to their self esteem and well being.

All children up to the age of 18 qualify for this program, regardless of the reason for their hair loss.

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Hair donation length must be a minimum of 12 inches to ensure that we can provide prosthetics for children who wish for long hair. It takes twenty to thirty ponytails or braids to create one Hair Replacement. We cannot accept hair that has been chemically processed — perms, color treated or highlights. Natural color or highlights that wash out are acceptable. Hair that has been chemically processed will not withstand the chemical processing to sanitize the hair. We no longer accept gray hair. Hair that is donated must be clean and dry before mailing. Your hair can be cut at  The Hair Boutique by WB Salon. There is no charge when donating.

Before you make your hair donation, keep this quick list of requirements in mind:

  • Hair must be a minimum of 12 inches
  • Hair cannot be chemically processed or colored
  • Natural color or highlights that wash out are accepted
  • We do not accept gray hair
  • Hair must be completely dry before mailing
  • Please send hair that is clean