Yes, bald is beautiful, but if you did a survey, most men would say they prefer having hair! Hair loss can still be devastating even though it is more socially acceptable for males.

Most of us have spotted bad toupees and wigs and then think that is what they all look like,  but tht is not true. We just don’t spot the good ones because they look so natural! 

Ted was very hesitant because he did not want to look like he had a rug on his head.  But, he trusted his wife (the owner) and loves his new look.  He is even changing his style some days.

At The Hair Boutique by WB, (division of Wig Boutique) we have solutions and can help.


Most men choose and prefer a bonded Hair System over a full wig for male pattern baldness. Also referred to as a toupee and/or hairpiece HB Hair Systems are an easy, hassle free way for you to get that hair you always wanted. Your human hair system allows you to sleep, exercise, work, shower because it is attached. You live a normal lifestyle.
Wearing a system/toupee does not require any surgical procedures and it is easily attached by our Hair Restoration Specialist.
At The Hair Boutique by WB, we start with a non-binding, free consultation. At this time, we will give you various options and prices.
You can be assured of privacy in our Hair Restoration Studio.

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