Corona Virus, what we are doing

If you are walking through our doors, knowing what measures we have taken will put you at ease.
What we have always done and what we will improve on now because of the virus.
Due to the nature of our business, many of our clients have low immune systems so this is what we have done in the past. After every client, we have always sanitized chairs, brushes, mirror handles, etc..
To take it further, after every client, we will be using disinfectants on the debit machine, door handles, front desk, coat hangers, etc.. Anything people are touching we will be disinfected. If someone has used the washroom, we will go in and disinfectant. Please know we will make it a practice to wash our hands after each client.
Tissues and hand sanitizers have always been located throughout our business. Contrary to what we have been told, we try NOT to sneeze or cough in our elbows. Those germs on our clothing are harder to get rid of. Yes, there are times we do use our elbows when our hands are full. Otherwise, we reach for a tissue to use and then throw it in the garbage and NOT put in our pocket. Then use sanitizer on our hands. If we don’t have time to grab a tissue, we cough or sneeze in our hands and then go wash them.
To put everyone at ease beginning March 17th, with every appointment, we will take a minute to wash our hands and ask our clients to do the same. If they have anyone with them, they will be required to wash as well.
PLEASE NOTE: Our staff is made up of 2 people, me, Jo-Anne the owner and Meagan. We are both doing our best to stay away from crowds and stay at home when possible if not at work. Neither one of us has any symptoms at this time, but if that occurs, rest assured we will not be working and should we both become ill, then we would close the business for the required 2 week period.
We truly hope this does not happen, but everyone’s health must be a priority. We would not want to put anyone at risk.