take 3 minutes to read to the end

Why read this?  You may not need a wig, but in the next few weeks/months you may have someone you love dearly who may need one.

We are offering something we have never done, but at this unprecedented time, it is a good solution.  VIRTUAL SHOPPING

DO NOT compare this to ONLINE shopping.. this is different….

Two huge differences are…..

1. YOU can be assured the wig you get was not worn and then returned. (possibly with the virus) (when you shop online, you can return wigs)                         

2. YOU will get exactly what you saw from the photos I send you. 

It will start with a phone conversation, or facetime, hopefully you sending me a photo of yourself and perhaps sending some pics of what you are looking for, (not necessary)  Next step will be me  going to store, take pics  and send you what might work.  I have been doing this for 10 years and experience means a lot. 

We do have 1000 wigs in stock, so we may have just the one for you.  You will get photos of front, side, back and inside.  We will go over all the care with you by phone or facetime as well.

Although we have never done this, and always had appointments where ladies could try on,  what we are going through with COVID 19 is not normal times.

We had already decided to  close before the government orders, due to not being able to practice  physical distance,  but I was losing sleep over ladies that may be going through chemo or thinning hair and had counted on getting a wig.  Although this is not ideal, I  feel relieved to be able to offer this service.  And there may be someone who just wants a wig because her roots are driving her crazy, whatever your reason, I will do my best to find the one!

If we decide on a wig together, the next step will be delivery.  If you live in Greater Sudbury, I will deliver and leave it on your doorstep.  NO PHYSICAL CONTACT.

or if you are in town for an appointment, you can pick up at my home… again.. it would be left on the doorstep. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT

If needed, shipping will be by  courier…they will pick up from my doorstep.

It may not be ideal, but I think this is better than no wig at all and you can trust that you will be getting the wig you saw in the photos… there will be NO REFUNDS, OR EXCHANGES. but again… you will see what you are getting.  NO SURPRISES