all of this is a MUST read, and will avoid surprises at the time of your appt. (only a 2 minute read)
This pandemic has changed the world as we knew it and it has changed how Wig Boutique operates. We no longer have regular open hours. All appointments are pre-booked, NO walk-ins. Doors are kept locked.  This ensures privacy and avoids interruptions.   Appointments are booked Mondays to Saturdays daytime.  For wigs, top-pieces or headwear, call  (leave message) 705-222-9447, EMAIL    or TEXT  705-626-2020 (no calls on this number)
Need products (shampoo, mist, etc.)? Curbside, no contact pickup available. (call, text or email to order) and DELIVERY is also possible for some areas.
Please read the following and at the end you will have to agree and submit the form which will confirm your appt.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND FORM IN WITHOUT READING ALL OF OUR INFO. We want to ensure you are aware of  Wig Boutique changes and protocol.

1 One person can accompany you but must remain seated beside you.
2.  WAIT IN YOUR CAR to permit our sanitizing in between clients. We will wave you in at appt. time (we are usually on time).  DO NOT CALL, as we may be getting ready.
3.  NO CREDIT CARDS~if you make a purchase, Payment can be by debit, cash, cheque or E-Transfers.  (Payment plans for those who need assistance is available. 0% interest)
4. MASKS are required AT ALL TIMES.  (have on prior to entering)
5.  Hand Sanitizing upon arrival
6.  Avoid touching surfaces or wigs.   Each wig has to be sanitized after being tried on, therefore we are limiting 6 wigs per session.  If needed a 2nd appointment can be booked.

~SCENT POLICY: No perfumes. No smoking for about 10 minutes before coming into the salon. (owner has COPD lung disease, scents can trigger breathing issues)

Please make sure you have read all of the above. If you  agree,  complete the form. This will confirm your appointment.

P.S. I have made videos. Although they are not professionally done, I hear so often of how they are helpful. There is also lots of info and answers to questions that many of you have.  When you have time to spend 15 to 20 minutes, go to the drop-down menu under WIGS.   And, don’t miss our photos.  These are not models, they are real wig wearers!